Play, learn and grow together

As children transition from the babies into toddler room or are welcomed into our centre here for the first time, they begin to explore and develop in more complex ways. As children's confidence grows, their communication and developmental skills are becoming more complex. Our educators create interesting and exciting experiences for our toddlers that develop core skills that they will grow and continue to develop as they get older.

We focus our programme on children's interests that are discovered through observations and communicating with parents on a daily basis. Through this we are able to provide a curriculum that is of interest to the children whilst allowing them to learn and develop through a carefully planned programme. In our toddlers room, we also provide a range of experiences including music and dance, cooking and various sensory activities that help develop our skills and capture our curious minds. We provide rich environments that are welcoming and nurturing towards children's needs and development.

Child Painting Model Airplane

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